GreenBid Tutorial

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How It Works
Before You Begin

Setting Your Logos & Company Info (First Time, Only)

Selecting Business Models & Setting Prices

Connect Payment Service

Adding a Client

Creating An Estimate/Bid

Editing An Estimate

Pricing, Tax and Estimate Fingerprinting

Charging Clients

Client Messaging - Email & SMS

Data Export

Delete/Restore Clients

Delete/Restore Estimates

Password Management

Subscription Recovery

Upcoming Features/Updates




 1.)    Add Your Client

 2.)    Select Services & Options

 3.)    Email/Print the Digital Estimate


  • Add Your Client: Enter basic client information—name, address , phone number(s) and email. The GreenBid Paperless Estimator automatically logs who prepared the estimate and when it was created.
  • Select Services & Options: Select the quantity and options for the services your clients want to purchase—the GreenBid app even does the math for you!
  • Email/Print the Digital Estimate:  After you’ve entered the last item and hit the "Save" button , the estimate is stored in the database. Tap the "Email" button and the completed Estimate will be sent to the customer's email address for their approval. A copy is automatically sent to your business’ emails for your records, as well.

Note:  Data entered on the screen will change the visible values, but NOTHING IS STORED IN THE DATABASE UNTIL YOU HIT THE "SAVE" BUTTON.


Photo: “Client List” screen


After you download GreenBid, you may be tempted to jump right into creating estimates—but hang on, because you’ll need do a one-time setup of some basic information. The first run of the app will take you through a brief tour of GreenBid’s available features. When you tap “Let’s Get Started!” at the end of the tour, you will be presented with the “Set Up Business” screen:

Set Up Business Screen

Photo: “Set Business Models/Prices” screen

Be sure to fill out as much information as you can, since this information will be automatically included in every Estimate you generate for your Clients. Pay special attention to required(*) fields:

  • Company Name - The name of your organization, as you want it to appear at the top of every estimate.
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Telephone Number
  • Business Email Address – Your businesses email point of contact the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC:) destination address for every estimate you create and send, so you have a digital record of every quote.
  • Tax Rate

o   Ex. 8.9

Optional fields provide a richer, more comprehensive-looking finished Estimate:

  • Extension Number - Up to 4 digits

o   Ex. 1234

  • Fax Number
  • License/ROC # – If your business carries a license number, add it here and it will be included in every Estimate you create.

o   Ex. ROC1234567

  • Logo URL – Though app automatically inserts the GreenBid “G” logo in completed Estimates, you may optionally provide a custom logo image (300 x 300 pixels maximum image size) URL to further brand the Estimate as your own. You can use .JPG, .GIF or .PNG formatted images.

o   Ex.

  • Website URL – If you have a website, be sure to include the address here, so it can be added to the top of your Estimates.


  • Contractor/Salesperson Name – The name of the Contractor or Salesperson who will be creating Estimates from your device. Every generated Estimate optionally includes the name and phone number of the employee who created it so you have a digital paper trail and your Clients have a point of contact baked into their Estimate.

o   Joe Salesperson

  • Contractor/Salesperson Mobile – The phone/mobile number of the Contractor or Salesperson who will be creating Estimates from your device. Every generated Estimate optionally includes the name and phone number of the employee who created it so you have a digital paper trail and your Clients have a point of contact baked into their Estimate.

o   555-555-5555

Remember to tap the “Save” button when you’re done. You can always come back and update your business information and your Estimates (both old and new) will update to reflect the new info.



Stripe Connect

One of the new features available with GreenBid Paperless Estimates is the ability to charge your Clients through our turnkey app, using your Stripe account. Stripe is a third party web/mobile payment service that will allow you to accept most major credit cards as payment for your services, without having to maintain a merchant account. Funds, less processing fees, are electronically deposited directly into your bank account. Stripe charges 2.9% of the transaction amount + 30¢ per successful charge. Greenbid Paperless Estimates charges an additional 1.5% transaction fee for a total of 4.4% + 30¢ per successful charge. There are no monthly fees, no costs for issuing refunds and no additional hidden fees. Consult your Stripe agreement to confirm your Stripe-related fee schedule.



Photo: “Payment Services” screen

1.)    Tap the Settings Icon from the Client List screen.

2.)    Tap “Select Payment Service”

3.)    Tap the “Connect with Stripe” icon

a.       If you have an existing Stripe account, log in and authorize GreenBid Paperless Estimates to connect to your account.

 b.      If you don’t have a Stripe account, that’s cool, too. Just follow the prompts to create a new account and authorize GreenBid Paperless Estimates to connect to your account.

 4.)    Once the connection is complete, you will be redirected to the GreenBid app and ready to charge your Clients.




Photo: “Payment Services” Stripe Sign Up/Sign In form




Photo: “Payment Services” setup complete


Before you can begin breaking sales records, you have to tell GreenBid what kind of business you’re in. Tap the Settings button and then “Set Business Models/Prices.” You’ll start out with a blank screen, but here’s where it gets interesting: Tap the “Sync” button in the upper right corner of the screen and GreenBid will contact our Trade Server and download the latest packs of available Trades & Services for you to select. Better yet, we’re periodically adding new Trades and expanding existing ones to add even more options. You can also mix and match any available Trades, so fee free to turn ON/OFF as many as you need. Do you work in Flooring? We’ve got you covered. Do a little Graphic Design work on the side? We’re all over it. How about a bit of babysitting in your spare time? Consider it handled.

Every Trade is broken up into Sections and every Section contains Widgets, which represent the goods and services that you offer to your Clients.


 Set Business Models & Prices

Photo: “Set Business Models/Prices” screen


If that seems a little confusing, try it out on your device and it should start to make sense:

1.)    Tap the Settings Icon from the Client List screen.

2.)    Select “Set Business Models/Prices”

3.)    Tap the “Sync” icon in the upper-right corner to download/update to the latest available Trades & Services.

4.)    Activate the Trade(s) you want to use by toggling the corresponding switch to ON

5.)    You can deactivate Widgets or entire Sections in a given Trade by simply toggling its switch to OFF.

6.)    Set your prices for each Widget by changing the value in the text box. The app doesn’t mind if you use US Dollars, British Pounds or Japanese Yen, so just stick with using numbers and two decimal places.

a.       Ex. 199.99

7.)    Once you’re satisfied with your selections, just press the Back Arrow and your changes will be set.



No problem! If you offer products and services not already in our library OR work in a Trade that we haven't yet included, you can add custom Trades & Services with a simple form on the GreenBid website:


Photo: Custom Trades, Sections & Widgets (website)

1.)    Go to

2.)  Enter your business' email address.

3.)    Either select an existing Trade or Add a new Trade name.

a.       Be sure to include a short description, if you’re adding a new Trade.

4.)    Click the “Next” button.

5.)    Select an existing Section (if available) or Add a new Section name.

a.       Be sure to include a short description, if you’re adding a new Section

6.)    Click the “Next” button.

7.)    First, make sure that a Widget representing your Service does not already exist in “Existing Widgets For This Section.”

8.)    Enter a Name for your new Widget.

9.)    Enter a brief Description for your new Widget.

10.)    Enter a baseline Price for your new Widget.

a.      Remember that this single price will apply to any optional Colors, Sizes or Options.

11.)    You may optionally add a comma-separated list of Colors, Sizes or Options that apply to your new Widget.

a.      Be sure to enter your list in the order you wish them to appear in the app.

12.)    Click the “Confirm” button and review your new Widget

13.)    If you are satisfied with the details, click the “Finish” button and the new item will be submitted for approval. Otherwise, click “Go Back/Make a Correction” and edit your Widget.

a.      An email will be sent to your address as record of the new Widget submission.

 b.    Approval of new Widgets is a manual process so that we can carefully control what is made publicly available to all GreenBid users. GreenBid staff may alter Widget details prior to approval so that they are appropriate for a general audience. Please allow up to 2 business days for the new item(s) to be available in the next Sync, however most submission are approved in minutes.

 14.)    Once submitted, the website gives you the option to “Add Another Widget in This Section” or “Start Over” with a blank form.


Before you can begin creating Estimates, you have to create a Client. From the main Clients List screen in the app, simply tap the Add/Plus (+) icon and enter your Client’s information. Be sure to tap the “Save” button when you’re done.

Photo: “New Client” screen

 1.)    From the main Client List screen, tap the Add/Plus (+) icon

 2.)    Enter your Client information

 a.       Include First Name, Last Name and Email address, at minimum

 3.)    Tap the “Save” button when complete.

 4.)    Your new Client(s) will appear in the Client List screen in alphabetical order, by last name.


Now that you’ve created a Client, you are ready to enter your first Proposal/Estimate/Bid. Tap the Client’s name in the Client List to display the Client Options screen. Tap the Add/Plus (+) icon to begin a new estimate and fill it out by selecting the Quantities and Colors, Sizes & Options (where applicable). Both the Subtotal and Tax will be calculated as you go.  You may add optional notes for each item or service as you complete your Estimate. Be sure to tap the “Save” button when you are satisfied with your selections.

Initially, the finished product will be a Proposal. When signed, the Proposal becomes an Estimate. When paid, the Estimate becomes an Invoice.


Photo: “Client Options” screen

1.)    Tap the name of the Client for whom you’d like to create an Estimate.

2.)    Tap the Add/Plus (+) icon to begin a new Estimate for the selected Client

3.)    Enter a quantity (as well as optional Colors, Sizes, Options or Notes) for each item you would like to include in the Estimate. The subtotal and tax will be calculated automatically.

4.)    Tap the “Save” button when complete.

5.)    The new Estimate will appear under “Active Estimates” in the Client Options screen

6.)    Tap the new Estimate to view the finished display.

7.)    If you have an active GreenBid subscription, tap the “Email” button to send the completed Estimate to your Client for approval, “AirPrint” to print out a hard copy on the nearest available AirPrint-capable printer, "Sign" to mark the document as approved by the client or "Pay" to charge* the final balance for a finished Invoice.

*: The "Pay" button will only appear if you have connected a valid Stripe account to your GreenBid installation.


Photo: “New Estimate” screen


Photo: Unsigned Estimates are marked as "Proposal"


Photo: Signed Proposals become Estimates




Photo: “Edit Estimate” screen

 8.)    You may edit an existing Estimate by selecting it from the a Client's list of available Estimates and tapping the “Edit” button.

a.       Be sure to tap the “Save” button when complete.



GreenBid comes pre-programmed with hundreds of services & products with average unit costs. We've included industry baseline pricing so that out of the box, when you enter 120 linear feet of swimming pool cap tile to an estimate, the app outputs:


120 x 10.70 (cap tile per-foot cost) = $1,284.00


At any time, you can change your unit prices in Settings --> “Set Business Models/Prices.” Note that changes to unit prices DO NOT AFFECT EXISTING ESTIMATES UNLESS YOU EDIT THEM. This means that you can change your prices at any time and any pre-existing Estimates you had created will honor the prices that were in effect at the time they were created. If you want an existing estimate to reflect the newest prices, just Edit it and save. Greenbid will recalculate the total based on the new pricing.


At any time, you may change the name of the sales associate assigned to the device in Settings -- “Set Up Business” under “SALESPERSON INFO.” This "fingerprint" is automatically used by the database when GreenBid generates a new Estimate for a Client.


To adjust your applicable sales tax rate for proper final calculation, go to in Settings
-- “Set Up Business”  and change the Tax Rate. Tax Rate may be changed at any time.

Photo: “Set Up Business” screen (scroll to the bottom)

When your Clients approve an Estimate and are ready to pay, GreenBid has you covered with the help of Stripe third party billing (See: Connect Payment Service). Just select the approved Estimate under the Client and tap the “Pay” button . You will be presented with a simple screen to enter the Client’s payment and security information. When everything is entered, tap “Charge” and Stripe will attempt to charge your Client the total Estimate amount. If successful, the finished Estimate will display “PAID” and Stripe will deposit the funds, less fees (Stripe: 2.9% + 30
¢, GreenBid: 1.5%) into your account according to your Stripe account’s transfer schedule. Consult your Stripe agreement to confirm Stripe-related fee schedule.


Photo: Charging an Estimate

1.)    From the Client List screen, tap the name of the Client.

2.)    Tap the Estimate you wish to charge.

3.)    Tap the “Pay” button.

4.)    Enter the Client’s payment information.

5.)    Review your entries.

6.)    If everything looks good, tap “Charge.”

a.       If the charge is successful, the finished Estimate will be marked “PAID” and convert to an Invoice.

 b.      If the charge is unsuccessful, an alert will display and you may try again or exit back to view the Estimate.


Photo: Enter Credit Card Information



Photo: A "Charge" button will appear when valid credit card information is detected


Photo: Press "Charge" when ready


Photo: When charged, the Estimate will update to a paid Invoice and "Pay" button will disappear


Communication is critical to cultivating a healthy and happy customer relationship. In order to make that communication a little bit easier, GreenBid comes with a Client Messaging module that allows you to send email and SMS/text messages (with a subscription) directly to your Clients from within the app. Easily notify Clients of upcoming visits by workmen, late arrivals or changes to the project timeline, all from within the app. To send a message, just select your Client from the Client List and tap “Send Message to Client.” Tap the
Add/Plus (+) icon, select your destination in the “To:” field and create your message. Tap the “Send” button when you are ready to send. A history of every Email and SMS sent by your device is maintained in the “Sent Messages” history. Email is a free feature available with any installation while direct SMS requires an active subscription to the GreenBid service. Paid subscriptions are limited to 20 outgoing SMS per day to avoid concerns of Client SPAM. Remember that SMS sent by your device are “one-way” messages and your Client cannot respond unless they contact you directly.

Photo: “Client Message History” screen

1.)    From the Client List screen, tap the name of the Client.

2.)    Tap “Send Message to Client.”

3.)    Select the message type and destination in the “To:” field.

4.)    The subject line is auto-generated with your business name, but feel free to change it.

5.)    Enter the text of your message.

6.)    Tap the “Send” button.

7.)    Record of your message, message type and the time it was sent will be maintained in the “Sent Messages” history.

8.)    You can even edit previous messages and send them again, to save yourself extra typing.

 Photo: “Client Message” screen

GreenBid comes with three (3) built-in data export features:

  • Export Prices
  • Export Client Data
  • Back Up Database.


Photo: “Settings” screen export options

Export Prices: Pulls the names and prices of all of the individual unit/items in the GreenBid database, places them into a file [Your Company Name] Prices.csv and will send that file as an email attachment to any address that you choose. This feature allows you to go over each of the unit costs so you may more easily review and adjust them within Settings -- “Set Business Models/Prices.”   These .CSV files can be readily imported into Microsoft Excel TM for review.

1.)    Tap the Settings Icon from the Client List screen.

2.)    Tap the “Export Prices” option.

3.)    Enter the destination email for the attached document.


Export Client Data: Similar to "Export Prices" this pulls the client demographic information (name, address, phone number, etc.) for every client that you have added to the GreenBid database and places it into a comma-delimited text file as an email attachment to any address that you choose. Comma delimited files are easily imported into a number of data management programs, such as Microsoft Excel TM or your existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in the office.

1.)    Tap the Settings Icon from the Client List screen.

2.)    Tap the “Export Clients” option.

3.)    Enter the destination email for the attached document.


Back Up Database: One of the single most powerful tools in your arsenal. The “Back Up Database” feature allows you to create and send a full backup of your entire GreenBid database (Clients, Estimates, selected Trades, Prices, and more) and send it via Email, Dropbox or Apple’s AirDrop to another iOS device. Not only does a backup help safeguard your precious Client information, but they can be shared and imported by other installations of GreenBid for full access to your Client list, prices and any Estimates that had been created at the time of the backup. Imagine setting up your business on one device and then sharing a backup with your entire sales force in a single email or DropBox attachment so your sales team can hit the ground, running.

Photo: “Back Up Database” selections

1.)   Tap the Settings Icon from the Client List screen.

2.)   Tap the “Back Up Database” option.

3.)   Select Mail, Dropbox or AirDrop and follow the prompts.

4.)   Backups can be imported on the recipient’s device by simply tapping the attached GreenBid.grn file and selecting "Open in GreenBid." GreenBid will automatically import any data not already contained it its database.


Remember that the GreenBid website and online data server DO NOT maintain copies of your device’s database, client information or settings. If your device is lost, stolen or destroyed, your data can only be recovered from your own backups. Back up early. Back up often.


Stale customer data can sometimes get in the way of a clean user interface. To clear up the clutter, GreenBid allows you easily manage existing Estimates and Clients. At any time, you may “Archive” individual Estimates from a device or "Delete" the entire Client and all of their attached Estimates in a single command.  Just swipe to the left and tap “Delete.”  Better still, if you ever find that you need to retrieve the "deleted" data, we’ve got your covered. To restore, just swipe to the left again and tap “Restore.”

Photo: “Client List” screen Delete & Restore

Delete:  For Estimate and Client’s, the delete/archive procedure involves the same two simple steps

 1.)  From the Client List or Active Estimates screens, just swipe your finger to the left on the item you’d like to remove.

 2.)    When it appears, tap the red “Delete"/"Archive" button.


Restore: The Restore process is a little different. If it’s an Estimate:

 1.)  From the Archived Estimates screen, just swipe your finger to the left on the Estimate you’d like to restore.

 2.)    When it appears, tap the red “Restore” button.


If you’d like to restore a deleted Client:

 1.)  From the Client List screen, enter the name of the user you would like to restore in the Search bar.

 2.)  As you type, the list will display deleted Clients in dark gray.

 3.)  Just swipe your finger to the left on the Client you’d like to restore.

 4.)  When it appears, tap the red “Restore” button.



GreenBid Paperless Estimates works right out of the box, with minimal setup. However, you may optionally create a GreenBid Optional Account Login which will allow you to share an existing subscription with multiple devices that are registered to your company OR restore a lost subscription on a device where the GreenBid app was accidentally deleted. A subscription cannot be recovered if you choose not to create an account.


Password Setup: Simply go to Settings and fill in the Email address you would like associated with your company account under “Optional Account Login.” Then choose an 8-12 character password for your account and tap the "Sign In/Register."  If that Account is available, the Password server will save the account settings to your device and a confirmation alert will be displayed. Otherwise, you will be prompted to choose an alternate Account or re-enter your password.

 1.)    Tap the Settings Icon from the Client List screen.

 2.)    Select and enter a single Email address to represent your company account.

 3.)    Select and enter a Password for your account

 4.)    Re-enter your Password to avoid any typos

 5.)    Tap “Sign In/Register”

 a.     If this is a new email address, a new account will be created on the GreenBid server and any purchased subscriptions will automatically be saved to the server.

 b.    If this is an existing company email address, the system will verify the correct password and authenticate your login.


Password Change: If you or your organization ever needs to change the password associated with your business, account maintenance can be accessed 24/7 at Just use the Optional Account Login panel on the right side of the screen. Enter your current business email and password and press the “Submit” button. Once logged in to the website, you may use the “Change Password” tab and an email confirmation of the password change will be delivered to the address on file.

 1.)  Go to

 2.)  Use the Option Account Login on the lower-right of the website

 a.       Enter your registered business email address & current password

 b.      Press “Submit”

 3.)  Click the “Change Password” tab.

 a.       Enter your current password.

 b.      Enter your new password.

 c.       Confirm your new password

 d.      Press “Submit”

 4.)  Your password change will be effective immediately and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file.


Password Recovery: Should you lose or forget your password, just fill in your Account Email in the bottom of Settings and tap the "I Forgot My Password" button. If an account was set up with that email, we will automatically send a copy of the password to the address on file.

 1.)  Tap the Settings Icon from the Client List screen.

 2.)  Enter the company Email address for your account.

 3.)  Tap “I Forgot My Password”

 4.)  An email will be sent to the address on file, containing your current password so you may log in.



If you need to recover a subscription on a new device or a device where GreenBid was accidentally deleted, go to "Settings" and log in with your Optional Account Login (as described in Password Management). Once confirmed, tap the Red Subscription Indicator Dot (SID) on the Client List screen and, instead of choosing to purchase, tap "Restore Active Subscription." Your most recent active subscription will be applied to the new device and all features will be unlocked if any subscription time remains. Remember, Estimate data lives ONLY on the device and is not stored on the GreenBid servers, for your privacy. Restoring an active subscription will not restore a deleted/damaged estimate database. To regain lost data, you must restore from a previous backup you or your organization have created. See Back Up Database.

Photo: “Settings” screen. Sign into account, then tap Red Subscription Indicator on “Client List” screen and select "Restore Active Subscription"


Photo: “Client List” screen. Subscription will restore, if applicable.




 - Import/Export estimate database - Complete! (Released in GreenBid version 2.02)

 - Export Price Sheet - Complete! (Released in GreenBid version 2.02)

 - Custom Objects & Services: Customize Your Estimate! - Complete! (Released in GreenBid version 2.02)

 - Trade/Section/Widget Re-ordering – Change the Section & Widget display order to suit your preference.

 - Select alternate Estimate/Bid layouts

 - Export individual Clients/Estimates

 - GPS location of registered devices (Where are my staff, right now? Is the project manager on-site?)